My name is Tiago and I’m a Portuguese robotics engineer, currently living and working in The Netherlands.
As a robotics engineer at Decos, I do a lot of front and back-end development, while being involved in the creation of a startup that is pioneering the field of social-robotics.

Work Experience

Robotics and Future Technologies Engineer at Decos

At Decos we are building one of the first robot-receptionist startups that is pioneering the field of social robotics. Here, I work as a full stack Robotics Engineer, and I am currently developing 3 platforms: a robot receptionist (Pepper), a doorman robot (ECO) and a API/WebApplication that manages the integration between all the robots we have (C3PO).

Research Engineer at Uninova – CA3

At CA3 I started as an intern and left as a research engineer. There I helped develop several projects for ESA, namely: IPSIS, FUSION and AVERT.
My coordinator was Dr. Rita Ribeiro, who was mentored by Lotfi A. Zadeh (Fuzzy Logic author).

Teaching Assistant at FCT-UNL

During the last year of my Masters I was a teacher assistant for the course PM (Programação de Micro-processadores) where I assisted 1st year Electrical and Computer Engineering students taking their first steps in C and programming in general.


Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering at FCT-UNL

Specializations in Robotics, Machine Learning (Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Network) and Control Systems.
Thesis: Land Cover classification using remotely sensed data from Satellite Images and Fuzzy Inference Systems. Implemented mainly in Matlab.